Deep Dive: How to use the power of Blue Ocean Strategy to your app

Blue Ocean Strategy

Every business is overcrowded with competitors, but there is a way to get ahead of the competition by sustaining high performance in the market. One can accomplish this by a better understanding of the Blue Ocean Strategy, and it is one of the novel marketing strategies aiming to identify and explore uncontested markets. The aim of implementing a blue ocean strategy is to make competition irrelevant, a kind of strategic way to create new frontiers for growth. It creates innovations in the market and opens a new feature that does not already exist. It drives high product differentiation at a low cost. 

In the business world, there are two types of oceans:

  • Red Ocean
  • Blue Ocean
Red Ocean Vs Blue Ocean Strategy

After understanding the two strategies, most of us dive into the blue ocean because its aim is not to outperform rivals but to make them irrelevant by creating a new market space altogether. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered new changes and disruption in many businesses; here, the key elements of the blue ocean strategy are used to introduce a product with new features by stopping to look at the competitors and looking at what end-users want.

Most businesses are trapped in cut-throat competition. To develop the business, one can beat the competition or make the competition irrelevant. Following the blue ocean strategy, shift the focus from fighting the competitors and embrace the idea of capturing new demands. It comprises various tools that help to achieve “Value innovation” at a low cost. 

Blue ocean strategy introduces the four actions framework to redesign buyer value elements to develop a new value curve. Let’s dive into the four actions:

Blue Ocean in Mobile Application Development

By adopting a blue ocean strategy, developers are helping businesses to accelerate the application growth; they focus on creating new demand in the market space rather than compete with one another. People might go to the cinema, rent a DVD, or just open YouTube when they want to watch something interesting. These are all different products serving the same purpose. The Blue ocean strategy here is the improvisation between one service or product to the other, like from DVD to YouTube and from thereon to Netflix.

Before developing a mobile application, developers need to know how to create a blue ocean strategy for their business. There are four basic principles to formulate it. 

Redesign the market boundaries

  • Identify how to provide the alternative services
  • Look at the customer chain and decide how to create a new value
  • Find out the hidden value-how the products support the other products and services
  • Introduce the functional and emotional attractiveness-Appearance of the product matters
  • Analyze emerging trends to introduce new features

Strategic vision on big pictures

  • Identify the users’ requirements and concentrate on implementing new ideas
  • Build value innovation

Reach beyond current demand

  • Don’t compete with all the parameters, identify one or two factors that are highly needed for the end-user
  • Improve blue ocean thinking and knowledge
  • Identify the trends to increase the value of the product, instead of adapting it
  • Expand the market by attracting non-customers

Make sure the strategic sequence is correct

  • Construct a sustainable business model that can produce and maintain profitable growth
  • Identify exceptional buyer utility in a business concept
  • Set a price that is affordable to a large number of buyers 
  • Identify costs to make a profit at a strategic price
  • Determine adoption barriers to implementing the business idea

Developers who come up with innovative ideas are much appreciated. Introducing a new thing is always exciting and quite hard because there is no template or design to follow up; it is a way of taking a risk to achieve success. The unique idea and its implementation determine the value of the product. 

Discover competitors and stand out from the crowd

Before developing a mobile app, conduct research to ensure that the new idea is strong enough to improve the business process. If the idea is good, jump into the unknown market space to create new demand. 

Track the competitors to know about the existing ideas and trends:

  • Industry ranking in the Google
  • Name of the app and its website URL
  • Usage of the app
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Analyze the competitors’ app in the app store and read customer reviews
  • Find the customer search keywords
  • Follow the competitors’ social media pages

Sleuthing is used to decide on choosing the target audience and non-customers. Building a product that is far superior to what is currently available improves the chances of success. The app users will see why it is the best choice for them. Investors will see that the app concept is worth investing in.

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Will stay different from competitors ever rule the world

Today’s world is run by apps. The rivalry among app development firms is heating up. They compete on various factors like skill sets, price, size, speed, and experience. 

With today’s cutting-edge technology, remaining competitive is both a necessity and a challenge. To break this, let’s now get into figuring out how to stay competitive in app development:

  • Analyze the competitors
  • Find the success factor of competitors
  • Plan for developing the right app
  • Analyze competitors app workflow
  • Understand their user interface and experience
  • Find the technology they used
  • Bring innovation
  • Focus on the latest technology such as blockchain, machine learning, low code & no-code development, artificial intelligence & the internet of things

By adopting the blue ocean strategy, developers can address a wide array of business challenges at a low cost, reducing complexity and responding quickly to new features and specifications requests. Let’s take a closer look at programming languages, tools, and frameworks in today’s trends that developers use to build the app.


The following trends will dominate the mobile app development industry:

  • AI interaction such as chatbox and voice assistant
  • AR-powered mobile apps
  • Mobile wallets
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • Progressive web apps

As a result, we’ve come to the consensus that smartphone applications have been the most efficient way for companies and consumers to communicate. However, there are many choices when it comes to selecting the right technologies for developing exceptional applications. Finally, the app is created to solve a business problem and provide a solution that bothers the users.

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