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5 votes

Geometric drawing components

Actually I want to draw/design the geometric drawings(like square, rectangle, circle, etc) for gradient view in mobile app page.

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15 votes

Live preview for both iOS and Android app

Its takes more time to install and test/preview the app in devices(Android/iOS). To make comfort, recommending a enhancement or feature to test or preview the apps in Live. Like simulator in xcode or web simulator!!!

3 votes

Shortcut keys for actions

Add shortcut(in system keyboard) keys to perform actions like Save(Ctrl+S), Delete, Copy(Ctrl+C)

27 votes

Trail period extension

Haven’t explored OREOPS much yet! Request for more time! It would be nice, if trail period extension option available on demand basis

20 votes

Build Log - Review

Build log should be reviewed – Output window

11 votes

Customize Font upload

I am using the fonts which are available in OREOPS and not able to use fonts for my wish. I’d like to use fonts of my own wish and option to upload customized font for Application

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8 votes

Build - Reduce App Size

Application size is too high. Recommending to reduce the App size.

32 votes

Reduce Build time

It takes more than 8 minutes to generate a QR code or download .apk file to preview the app. It would be good if Build time is reduced to below 3 minutes.

26 votes

Build iOS app

Recommending for this feature to be enabled very soon


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